A Couple of Essentials…Tera’s Whey Protein & The Magic Bullet

2 Nov

Protein shakes are pretty much an everyday treat for me. I say treat because the way I make them, they’re delicious and because my flavor of choice is fair trade dark chocolate. Since I’m mostly eating vegetarian these days, but still pretty green at it (pun intended), I like to supplement my diet with protein shakes to make sure I’m getting enough protein on a daily basis.

That being said, I am not a fan of putting artificial stuff in my body and actually swore off ALL processed foods about a year ago. So…about a year ago, I found the BEST whey protein EVER and, while it’s a little pricey, I HIGHLY recommend you get yourself some! It is called Tera’s Whey. I have included a blurb from the back of the container below:

“The most natural ingredients like organic, hormone-free cow & goat whey proteins. All natural flavors. High antioxidant superfruits. Low glycemic stevia. Gluten free. The best tasting, simple ingredients, ethically sourced from small, Wisconsin family farms, artisinal cheesemakers, fair trade suppliers. Whey that transforms your health (and that of those you love), made in a green factory that touches the planet lightly.”

I have tried several different protein powders and this one CRUSHES the competition in both taste and ingredients. By the way, there are only FIVE ingredients and I can pronounce them ALL! So, if you’re in the market for protein, Tera’s is the “whey” to go!

Next essential when it comes to ma shakes…the Magic Bullet. If you make lots of shakes like I do, this will come in handy; it’s reasonably priced and makes it easy and mess-free (this is important for me) to make them. I have also used the Magic Bullet to make marinades and spice rubs as well.

In terms of shake recipes, I typically make the same shake each time; however, I like to change it up from time to time. I will plan to post my shake recipes as I try new things so stay tuned. For your reference, I try to have my shakes within an hour (either before or after) a workout.


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